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This guide is to help you understand what HMRC Debt is and what it could mean to you and your business. 

The guide is entirely free to download, and it will help you:

  • Get to grips with HMRC Debts and Tax Arrears.
  • Find out how HMRC enforce tax liabilities against individuals and companies.
  • Understand where you are in the recovery process and the risks from HMRC Enforcement Action.
  • Secure a Strategy that works for you and your company.
  • Take actions now to protect you and your business from HMRC Enforcement Action.

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Your Free HMRC Debt Guide

About 4R Business Recovery 

4R Business Recovery are rescue and turnaround consultants that over the last ten year helped 1000's of directors and shareholders restructure their business and secure a second chance.

If you or your business are suffering from legacy HMRC debts which you are struggling to pay then this is not only stressful but for many business owners, a very dark and lonely place.

We hope you find the guide useful and don't hesitate to reach out. We are happy to schedule a telephone or video call or a meeting and offer some free advice on the restructuring options available to you.

4R is in the business of second chances and a problem shared is a problem halved.

Top Tips

      1. Establish where you are in the HMRC recovery process and at what stage.
      2. Act Early and Act decisively; usually, any decision is better than sitting on the fence, hoping it will all go away.
      3. Understand the difference between poor liquidity, i.e. a lack of cash flow and insolvency.
      4. If the business is profitable (now) and the management of legacy debts is creating poor liquidity then you have the potential of obtaining a Time to Pay Arrangement or a Voluntary Arrangement or even securing funding to resolve the HMRC debt.
      5. If you or the business is insolvent with no prospect of trading out and paying off legacy debts then you need to consider your duties to creditors and seek urgent advice. 

Don't delay, get in touch today, you are sure of complete confidentiality, an understanding ear, and more importantly - someone who can devise a plan of action. 

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