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Owing HMRC money will inevitably have you worried and stressed especially if they have started legal proceedings against you or your company. Whether you owe money for VAT, PAYE or CORPORATION TAX the process is much the same. You may have already received a letter threatening legal action or a Statutory Demand, and, or a Winding Up Petition or Winding Up Order which can be very worrying to someone that hasn’t dealt with the problem before.

From experience we know that you CAN SAVE your business and even get things back on track again, even though that may seem unbelievable right now. The important thing is it to take action straight away, it is never too late, even if your in court tomorrow give 4R a call (0800 802 1525) that second chance.

Here at 4r Business Recovery we have helped many businesses through their problems with HMRC debts and got them back on track again. We will liaise with HMRC on your behalf so you don’t have to. We may be able to ask for a time to pay arrangement to simply give you the time you need to make payment. 4R will help you produce a professional proposal backed up by cash flows and a repayment plan that you and the business can afford and more importantly that HMRC will accept. As part of the solution you may need help to free up cash flow or even find funding so that your business can continue to trade. Every case is different but we do know that it is imperative that you get expert help as quickly as possible.

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